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Chief's Message

I have been at the leadership of the Red Bird Vol. Fire and Rescue since 1995 and have seen the department grow from three vehicles and 14 members to a department having 6 total vehicles, one Emergency Response trailer and 25 members. This growth is a result of hard work by members who care about our department and community and from loyal supporters in our community and elsewhere.

During the almost 20 years of leading this department, I have seen many people join the department and also leave the department. Whether the time with the department was a short length or a long length of time, all were or are important to this department.

We seek to encourage people in our community, both female and male to join our department and be a part of an organization that helps better the community we serve. Consider inquiring about and becoming a part of this department.

  Clifford Berry, Jr.



Station House

Station House located on Red Bird Mission campus.


New apparatus from Lakeside Fire Department Lakeside, Ohio.

1985 Sutphen Custom pumper donated by Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department Lakeside, Ohio.

2013 Mountain Laurel Festival Parade

Pineville, Kentucky






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